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Do you have an old lock without a key? Bring the lock into the shop, we may be able to make a key to fit it. Do you have a filing cabinet without a key but there is a number on the lock? Let us know the number and we should be able to make a key.

Key Cutting

We have modern accurate key cutting machines and over 25,000 key blanks. If we don’t have a blank to suit your key we can usually obtain one within 24 hours if it’s available.

Preventative Maintenance

Doors on commercial and retail premises and schools are notoriously neglected and can be dangerous. Regular maintenance need not be expensive but can give peace of mind and save accidents and costly replacements in the long term.

Door Furniture

Handles, knobs, letter plates, knockers, finger plates and DOOR REINFORCEMENTS in various styles and finishes.

Door Closers

Many models, depending on usage, weight of door and disability requirements.

Grilles, Sliding Gates and Burglar Bars

For ultimate security protection in commercial and domestic situations. Many styles and finishes.

Parking Posts

Folding or removable; integral locking or padlocks.

Fire Exit Hardware

Panic bars for all applications and current legislation including the Disability Discrimination Act.

Key Systems

Master Key systems

Enabling you to restrict access to different members of staff to different parts of the building. For example everyone has a key to the front door but can only access their own area. Ideal for flats with communal entrances. A small business owner could have his house keyed into the same system as his business – think how many keys that would save!


Particularly useful for domestic property. One key will open all the locks on the front door or even all the locks in the house. Padlocks can also be included if specified at the outset.

Restricted Keys

Do you think you are the only person with keys to your property?

  • Did the previous owner track down and return all the keys when you moved in?
  • Did the house builder have any extra keys cut?
  • Have you or any member of your family ever misplaced a key?
  • Have you ever had to leave keys for a workman whilst you were away from the property?
  • Do you leave a key outside in a ‘safe’ place?
  • Has your property ever been burgled before?

ARE YOU STILL SURE? Restricted key systems ensure that only the registered owner of the key can obtain copies.

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